High stone walls called Ote protect the homes on this island from strong gales. Art Setouchi on Megijima will feature Fukutake House 2010, which, in addition to housing solo exhibits from various domestic and international galleries, also includes a special project. Other art sites are scattered throughout the village as well as at the entrance to the legendary demons’ cave at the top of the hill.

Getting Around the Island

There is only one ferry port on Megijima. Almost all art sites in the village are easily accessed on foot.

Local Bus

Megi Port “Ogre’s House”-“Ogre’s Caves”
(Round Trip) Adult 600 yen (with Triennale Passport 500 yen), Child 300 yen (during Triennale 200 yen)
“Ogre’s Caves”-“Nishiura”
(Round Trip)Adult 400 yen (with Triennale Passport 300 yen), Child 200 yen (during Triennale 100 yen)

Coin Lockers / Baggage Check

Megi port lockers from 8:20-17:30; 100 yen.

Accommodations around Megijima

There are many hotels and ryokan in Takamatsu city, Kagawa.
Kagawa Prefecture Tourism Association

Further Information

There will be many sea visitors from the end of June to the beginning August,

Community Area

Ogre's Caves