For those who wish to visit multiple sites, the Triennale 3-Season Passport is an excellent deal, admission to almost all Triennale art sites, which number about 200, during the Spring, Summer and Autumn sessions.

Advance Passports

How to exchange advance Passports

Before the Triennale starts, advance Passport vouchers are sold at convenience stores and select ai rports, train stations, travel agencies, ticket agencies, etc. Purchasers exchange these vouchers for Passports at Triennale information centers; Takamatsu port, Uno port and Naoshima Miyanoura port or art site reception desks when they come to the Trienn ale. Please see the Setouchi Triennale 2016 Official Website for further details and updates.

  • Advance passport sales period is until March 19, 2016.

Benefits of the Triennale Passport

The Passport is valid for all 3 sessions of the Triennale (Spring, Summer, Autumn) which cover a total of 108 days. You save a significant amount by buying a Passport as without one it would cost over 25,000 yen to visit all the sites. Even if you were to tour just Naoshima,admission to the main Benesse sites would normally cost at least 6,690 yen.

  • Passports are valid for 1 visit per art site during the Triennale. For the Chichu Art Museum and Teshima Art Museum, Passport holders qualify for a discount admission of 1,000 ye n (incl. tax) for one visit.

Passport Price

Adult: 5,000 yen
High school students: 3,500 yen

  • All prices are tax included.


  • The Triennale Passport entiles you to visit each art site once free of charge upon presentation of the Passport during the Triennale dates. In addition, a 100 yen discount on the admission fee will be given to Triennale Passport holders upon presentation of the Passport when they visit the same art sites except Chichu art museum and Teshima art museum subsequently. Also Inujima Serensho Art Museum ( including ticket for Inujima House Project and Seaside Inujima Gallery) will be 50% discount (1,030 yen).
No.1 Naoshima Bath(Naoshima) Admission fee 510 yen
No.16 Benesse House Park Art Tour(Naoshima) Admission fee 500 yen
No.19 Chichu Art Museum(Naoshima) Once-only discount admission fee of 1,000 yen with Triennale Passport
No.30 Smiles; (Teshima) Hotel charges
No.31 Teshima Art Museum (Teshima) Once-only discount admission fee of 1,000 yen with Triennale Passport
No.49 Chaos *Lounge (Megijima Cave) Admission fee 300 yen
No.51 Oninoko Production (Megijima Cave) Admission fee 300 yen
No.174 Eat&ART TARO (Takamatsu Port) Cost of food & drink
No.176 I'm here.Kokoniiruyo (Takamatsu Civic Swimming Pool) Admission fee 510yen (Adults) 340 yen (High School Students)
No.178 Tokyo University of the Arts×University of the Arts,London(Ritsurin Garden) Admission fee: Adults 320 yen; children ages 6-15 140 yen
No.183 Atsushi Ozawa (Uno Port) Rent-a-cycle fee;600 yen
No.205 Genichiro Inokuma (Wide Area) Admission fee for the Marugame Genichiro-Inokuma Museum of Contemporary Art: Adults 760 yen; University students 560 yen