Masahiro Hasunuma


Artist, documentary photographer.
In 2010, Graduated Tokyo University of the Arts Graduate School (Ph.D.).
With an interest in the autonomy of old tales and images and the mystery of dreams, he uses wall paintings, animations (using kinora device) and photographs as a means of expression. The main activities are “field work with pigeons”, “self portrait workshop”, “reproduction of murals of the shadow of Jiro Takamatsu (Yokohama Triennale 2005)” and “self-portrait of slopes”.

[Major works, exhibitions, etc.]
2015 "The Dream of the Land 12 Animations" (Niigata)
2014 "All places are in the middle of the world-1 / 100,000 Tsumari" (Niigata)
2014 "Primitive Sense Art Festival" (Nagano)