Naohiro Ukawa

DOMMUNE / "Contemporary artist". Born in 1968. Kagawa Prefecture / From Takamatsu City.
Professor of Information Design at Kyoto University of Art and Design. A wide variety of activities such as, Video artist/Graphic designer / VJ / Writer / and "Contemporary artist".
Naohiro is a "MEDIA THERAPIST" which is the most free expression activity in recent Japan, eliminating the framework of established fine art and popular culture.
Originator of VJ in Japan.
His works have been exhibited at numerous exhibitions both in Japan and abroad from the exhibition at the New York PS1 MOMA “BUZZ CLUB” in 2001 and the “JAM Exhibition” at London Barbican Art Gallery.
2013-2015 Japan Media Arts Festival Jury member.
2015 Ars Electronica (Linz, Austria) jury member.

He used the Japanese slang "Yabai" in the late 1980s for the first time to turn it into a positive meaning, and it was spread widely to the public through his writing. Also, since the early 90's, he used the exclamation mark '!!!!!!!' extensively in the text, and the expressions of 'exclamation' and 'emphasis' in modern Japanese were expanded independently before SNS.
In March 2010, the live streaming studio and channel "DOMMUNE", which was launched by Naohiro suddenly, has made a number of viewers with the start of launching and continues to attract attention in Japan and abroad. Currently, Naohiro's occupation column is "DOMMUNE".
As a book, "Super magic of Live streaming by @ DOMMUNE-FINAL MEDIA !!!!!!!!" (published from Kawade Shobo Shinsha ) . DVD "MAD HAT LAUGHS !!!!!" (Ki / oon / SONY) and others. As a musician UKAWANIMATION! name "ZOUNDTRACK" (avex trax) and others.
Also, recently he has been actively exhibiting artworks at contemporary art exhibitions both at home and abroad. At Takamatsu Media Art Festival, he was in charge of the three roles of director / curator / jury chairman.