Christian Boltanski

作品 No. te12-B

La forêt des murmures

Halfway up Mt. Danyama on Teshima island, countless wind chimes are installed in a forest, tinkling in the breeze. On strips of transparent material hanging from each bell are the names of loved ones written by past visitors. The sound of the wind chimes summon up the mystery of the soul, paying homage to the memory of those individuals, expressing both the vitality and transience of human life. New visitors are invited to leave behind the name of a beloved one. At a later date, this name will be engraved on a strip in the visitor's own handwriting, and will start swinging in the breeze, becoming part of the artwork.


地区 丰岛 唐柜冈
开放时间 9:30-16:30
节日 *Please see Open Days Calendar for opening hours and closed days.
*It is closed besides Triennale 2019.
费用 Free
Registration Fee: 5,000 yen
*This is the price for inscribing a beloved person’s name on a strip hanging from a wind chime. The name will be engraved at a later date on a strip in your own handwriting . On the day of your visit, you will be handed out a registration certificate (registration takes place at Les Archives du Coeur in Teshima).
备注 Management: Fukutake Foundation
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