2019.07.01 Indication mistake of Triennale passport

Triennale passport (3 seasons) p. 6 "E12" (),There is an indication of "Autumn" mark in the session information, but this event is held only summer session.
Please note that this event is NOT held for fall season.

2019.04.29 《Info》Restaurants & cafes of each island during Spring session

"Food" is the most representative thing to express culture of everyday life of each island.
We introduce all the restaurants and cafes that you can enjoy the food culture of Setouchi and communication with local people during Setouchi Triennale 2019.

2019.04.28 Summer Autumn Opening List

Some of the works will be released from the summer or fall season.
Please see the following PDF file for the target works.
Please note that there are no exhibitions during the spring season.

※ There is no artworks at Kitahama Alley during the spring. Please don't inquiry to nearby stores.

Summer Autumn Opening List

2019.04.22 A List of Performing Arts (Spring Session)

A list of performing arts (Spring Session) is available here.
Please download it.

Advanced application by online is the following page:
Event Schedule

2019.04.17 瀬戸内国際芸術祭2019巡り方ガイド / Island Hopping Guige / 巡遊指南 / 巡游指南 / 순회 방법 가이드


Island Hopping Guige for Setouchi Triennale 2019



순회 방법 가이드