nomad note dance


nomad note dance is dance performance and music group. They perform with
sounding boxes "「" called「nomad note box」,which make a sound by air pressure
when box was pulled and pressed.
There are also casual workshops with simple movement and performances by
using sounding boxes. Members make a film of the state of those, and produce
films as well.

At the end of 2016, a composer Shunsuke Kida was accepted as a member of a
group and nomad note dance develops new works.


Michiko Okada (Musical instrument design and musical performance)
Yuko Takano (Direction, choreograph and performance)
Shunsuke Kida (Composition)
Sana Yuzawa
Yukiko Inoue (Performance)
Madoka Asakura (Musical performance)
Mariin Ue (Filming)
Masaharu Hasegawa (Editing)
Ryosuke Hinenoya (Manufacture of musical instrument)
Hiroto Takahashi (Photography)