Lin Tianmiao


Born in 1961 in Sanxi, China. Graduated from department of fine art of Capital Normal University and the Art Students League of New York.
Currently living in Beijing.
With feminism in the background, he creates objects by abstracting various materials such as “threads”, “tools”, “daily items” and “bones of resin” with skillful formative skill. Held solo exhibitions in Beijing, Paris, New York, etc. and participated in many international exhibitions.

2015 1.62 M Lin Tianmiao solo exhibition How Art Museum (Wenzhou, China)
2012 Bound Unbound Asian Society Museum (NY, USA)
2007 Multiplex: Direction in Art, 1970 to now Museum of Modern Art, New York (NY USA)
2004 Non Zero, Tokyo Art Project (Beijing China)
1997 The 5th Istanbul International Biennale (Istanbul, Turkey)