Born in Fukuoka in 1983.
2008 Launched and managed a website called "Click Spirit"
2013 She was attracted attention for exhibiting at the “Dea, Shutoruumu” exhibition, and then participated in the project of Chaos * Lounge and Purplume.
2014 Opened "Purplume HP"
2016 Opened "Legend of Iwaki notebook-The fox case files-". HP
While creating websites and games, she has also presented paintings and installations like a design maps.

2016 Chaos * Lounge New Art Festival 2016 Urban Drama "Anger Day" "Onahama Ryugu" Iwaki Moritakaya, UDOK. Other venues
2017 solo exhibition "Memex-room of fox-" Genron Chaos Lounge Gotanda Atelier
2017 "Koiseyo Otome! The Purplume University and Umezu Keiichi's Design" Watarimu Museum
2017 In charge of the image work of "Creating tide culture co-creation city" (Iwaki City, Fukushima)
2017 Chaos * Lounge New Art Festival 2017 Urban Theater "150 Years Lonely" Multiple venues around Iwaki-city Izumi Station
2018 Contemporary Art Black Market BUCKLE KÔ BÔ