Yuki Shibata

Junko Toyonaga

Kagawa University × Shodoshima Dream Project


Project team by a director Junko Toyonaga and Yuki Shibata Faculty of Creative Engineering, Kagawa University. They analyzes the past and present of Shodoshima and consider the future of Shodoshima through drama. The drama will be performed at the Nakayama Rural Kabuki Stage and the Hidoyama Rural Kabuki Stage on Shodoshima. The dedication kabuki played on both stages with a history of over 300 years is loved by the locals and has become a traditional performing arts on Shodoshima.
How do high school students living on the island think and choose their futures? Think of the act of selection that happens in every personal and social places on the stage of Shodoshima, and incorporate it with the local people in the historical space that people have cultivated.