Akira Minagawa/Shinichiro Ogata


"Akira Minagawa"
Born in Tokyo in 1967. In 1995, he established his own fashion brand "minä (minä perhonen from 2003)". Aiming at a design that will not fade with the lapse of time, while promoting the making of clothes with original design fabrics with imagination, he is expanding the activity to design that is close to living such as interior fabric, furniture and ceramics. In addition, he also provides designs for textile brands such as Denmark Kvadrat and Sweden KLIPPAN, and works on newspaper and magazine illustrations.

※ Photograph left (photo L.A.Tomari)

"Shinichiro Ogata"
Founded SIMPLICITY in 1998. Based on the concept of "Creation of Japanese culture in the present age", he is developing the Japanese restaurant "Yakumo Saryou", the Japanese sweet shop "HIGASHIYA", the product brand "S ゝ ゝ", etc. He works on design and direction not only for his own brand but also for a wide range of projects such as architecture, interiors, products and graphics. In 2004, the architecture and space design of Yufuin's Sanso Murata. In 2008, comprehensive design and direction of paper container "WASARA". In 2011, the space design of "INTERMEDIA THEQUE", University of Tokyo Research Museum. His books include "HIGASHIYA" (Seigensya publishing), "Jikifu" (The University of Tokyo Press publishing), and "Nenge" (Seigensya publishing).

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