Co-founded in 2017 by Michiko Sumi and Charles Gibault, based in London.
Redefine architecture and public spaces through research, and design city planning and projects that think about manufacturing from the perspective of crafts and site operation as well as architectural design.

Michiko Sumi

Born in Tokyo in 1983. Architect (working for American architecture office), lecturer at Bartlett School of Architecture, University of London
《Main works》
2018 Ghost Chapel pavilion production / Galway International Art Exhibition / Ireland
2017 London TOTO Gallery / Japanese Junction Exhibition
2016 Venice Biennale International Architecture Exhibition
Ireland Pavilion production cooperation
2012 London Royal Academy exhibition
2012 IE ≈ HOME Exhibition / Tokyo OZON
2010 IE ≈ HOME Exhibition / Embassy of Japan in London / Silver Pigeon Award
2010 London Royal Academy exhibition

Charles Gibault
Born in Paris in 1988. Architect (working for American architecture office) Urbanist

《Main works》
2017 London TOTO Gallery / Japanese Junction Exhibition
2012 Europan 12 / Assen / Crosbyd / The Netherlands
2012 Garon Eiffel Competition / Bordeaux / TVK Architecture, Urbanist
2011 Future House Competition / Paris / BNP Real Estate