KAGAWA URUSHI( Lacquer Work)


KAGAWA URUSHI( Lacquer Work) is a traditional craft that Kagawa boasts, which has produced leading five living national treasures in Japan since its origins. It is based on a master craftsman of the late Edo period (early 19th century), Zoukoku Tamakaji.
The expression of beauty combined with the vividness colored lacquer and carving techniques that produced from unique techniques such as Kinma, Zonsei, and Choshitsu. Please enjoy the attraction of KAGAWA URUSHI which is different in taste from black and gold paintings that are generally imaged.

Under the supervision of Yoshito Yamashita (a lacquer artist, living national treasure), this project is carried out with the cooperation of Kagawa lacquer institute (Launched in 1954 as the first research and educational facility in Japan for the purpose of preserving the techniques and raising successors.)