-A project group of contemporary art represented by Shinji Morino (contemporary artist). With the motif of air and wind in the region and society, they develop art projects interacting with various people through art in all around Japan. Launched site-specific large-kite project in 2017.

2019: "Ozora Sento2019" in Heijo palace site (Nara)
2018: "Park & Art-House of Kiryu-bu" in Azumino Alps Park (Nagano)
2017: "Mahara Fujiidera" (Osaka)
2017: "Japan Alps Art Festival 2017" (Nagano)
2016: "ART 1 ~ Stepping into the Fresh snow" in ART COURT GALLERY (Osaka)
2015: "Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale 2015" (Niigata)