Photo:Keizo Kioku

Photo:Keizo Kioku


Keisuke Tanaka

Artwork No. sd12

Utopia dungeon

This piece considers the relationship between humans and nature by working nature, or rather, replicating nature. We can let inside the external environment that is nature. However, if what we see on the inside is no more than nature, then it exists on the other side of a boundary from others. We have rationally engaged in a continuous attempt to somehow understand, use and subordinate this thing we call nature. The bottom line is that humans cannot discard their insatiable lust to achieve this.

However, by pursuing this nature as an unreachable utopia, we deepen our understanding of what our existence is and, as a byproduct, we gain the provisions we can call the blessings of nature.

For this Triennale, the artist is building his relationship with nature as a sculpted installation, using as materials wood cut from the natural environment, as well as a home and furniture fashioned from such wood. The motifs are the trees that inhabit this small plot of land surrounded by the sea called Shodoshima, as well as the island's collective of trees in the forest, and the mountainous terrain. As they roam the halls and stairs, visitors can change their perspective as they view the mountain pillars and sculpted tree portraits that extend up to the ceiling. Like a walk in the mountains, visitors can stroll through the rooms and appreciate this sculpted installation that makes you feel like you are looking at nature.

When the visitor loiters in a space filled with the acts of so-called "work" by which we subdue and process nature and then reproduce the nature we yearn for, he or she will physically trace the saga of humanity that has roamed about the dungeon that is the ideal village.

However, even within the process of this fruitless labor, we can certainly acknowledge the occasional irreplaceable encounters and the joy of living. Lastly, the artist believes that humans can affirm that they are human, and hopes that this piece will serve to facilitate this.

Art Information

Artwork Location Shodoshima Mito Peninsula
Hours 9:30-17:00
Admission Admission Free


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