Tips for Enjoying the Triennale

Dress Comfortably

Dress for ease of movement and for the weather. The temperature can drop quite suddenly in spring and fall, so be sure to bring an extra layer of clothing such as a jacket. A knapsack is useful as it keeps your hands free. Wear comfortable walking shoes. Island roads are often steep and paved with stones so heels and sandals are not recommended. It can get extremely hot in summer. Be prepared and protect yourself from heat exhaustion. Bring a hat, towels, sunscreen, extra water, etc. Stay hydrated.

Please prepare cash beforehand

You can hardly ever find ATM in the islands except for Shodoshima and Naoshima. Also most of the shops don’t accept credit card. Therefore please bring enough cash before you go to the islands.

  • Check Art Site Hours

    The hours and dates when artworks can be viewed vary from one site to another so be sure to check before you go.

    Naoshima / Teshima / Megijima / Ogijima / Shodoshima / Oshima / Inujima / Shamijima / Honjima / Takamijima / Awashima / Ibukijima / Takamatsu Port / Uno Port / Island Hopping

  • Be Friendly

    When you meet local residents or fellow travelers, give them a friendly greeting.

  • Be Considerate

    Refrain from disturbing residents with excessive noise or entering private property. Ask for permission before taking photos of the local people, their houses and property.

  • Plan Your Meals

    Most islands have only a limited number of restaurants and stores. Be sure to bring something to drink with you. For meals, make advance reservations where possible. Most businesses do not accept credit cards so carry some cash with you.

  • Obey Traffic Rules

    Island roads are essential for the islanders’ daily lives. Keep to the side of the road when walking, and ride in single file when cycling.

  • Use Washrooms Whenever You Can

    There are few public washrooms on the islands so it’s best to use the washrooms on the ferry or at the port before exploring the island.

  • Check the Return Ferry Time

    If you miss the last boat from the island, you will have to wait until morning for the next one. Plan ahead, and check for updates and changes.

    Ferry Timetables
  • Take Your Garbage Home

    Not all islands have garbage disposal facilities, so please take your garbage with you and dispose of it at an eco-station such as the one at Takamatsu Port.