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Let's Study! Let's Enjoy! Summer School

A summer program unique to Oshima
On picturesque Oshima, an island of white sand beaches and lush green pines, participants in the three-day summer camp will learn about the history of leprosy while experiencing art and nature. The focus will be on creating new content for Oshima Hour, the monthly island radio program. Participants will listen to residents speak about their lives and participate in a series of workshops presented by artists.

Elementary and junior high school students from Kagawa and other prefectures will commute to Oshima for three days. Through workshops with various artists and instructors, they will create content for Oshima Hour, the island radio program, and will interact with residents. Rather than the regular monthly radio show, the children will produce their own Oshima Hour.

Dates: Aug 5 (Fri), Aug 6 (Sat), Aug 7 (Sun); Organizer: Takamatsu City.

Event Information

Oshima, Port Area
08.05/FRI , 08.06/SAT , 08.07/SUN
Notes Organized = Takamatsu City
Planning, operation and contact = NPO Setouchi Koebi network
TEL: 087-813-1741
FAX: 087-813-1742
Email: info@koebi.jp