ART SETOUCHI event "Island birthday party"Sound picture book without pictures~

The Setouchi Triennale Executive Committee (Chairman: Keizo Hamada, Governor of Kagawa Prefecture) is engaged in activities of “ART SETOUCHI,” which aims to regenerate the local vitality through art, even except the period of “Setouchi Triennale”.

As part of this “ART SETOUCHI” event, “Island Birthday Party” will be held in Teshima on Sunday, September 8, 2019. This event is held once a month as a place for interaction between the islanders and visitors, and celebrates those who have their birthday in that month (this September).

This time, the venue is “Sea Restaurant”, and we invite “Oto no Ehon” as guests for the first time after three years. Kenji Miyazawa's masterpiece “Restaurant with many orders” with performances and readings will be performed.

Event Information

Teshima, Suzuri
Sea restaurant (525-1 Teshima Ieura, Tonosho-cho, Shodo-gun, Kagawa Prefecture)
Admission Admission free
Notes Sound Picture Book
The “sound picture book” for reading and music series started with a chance meeting the cellars Tatsunori Susuki and Ken Arakura through the opera “Porano Square” premiered at Tottori National Cultural Festival 2002. Express the world of picture books through performance and reading.

Tatsunori Susuki (cello)
Ken Arakura (composition)
Kayoko Nishibori (piano)
Asuka Yamada (violin)
Emi Nakamura (Reading)