2019.08.16 Published a video about Art prefecture, Kagawa.

In Kagawa Prefecture, Amon Miyamoto publishes a video about Takamatsu Port, Megijima, and Ogijima.

For details, please check here.

2019.08.09 New project of Chiharu Shiota & Tsuyoshi Tane in Kou area of Teshima!

Chiharu Shiota, who is attracting a lot of attention to the “Chiharu Shiota Exhibition: The Soul Trembles” held at the Mori Art Museum, and Tsuyoshi Tane, who has won the international design competition of the Estonian National Museum and attracted worldwide attention, their plan of new artwork「New Project (Untitled), In Progress」 is publishing in Kou area of Teshima.

The theme is about a memory shared by them which only exists here and has never been seen by anyone else. They aim to complete the work in three years. A conceptual model will be exhibited along with Distant Memory.

Chiharu Shiota & Tsuyoshi Tane "New Project (Untitled), In Progress"
Photo: Keizo Kioku

From Ieura Port, you can go to there by bus!
For details such as timetables, please check the Teshima Tourists Navigation page below.

2019.08.04 《Notice》"Megijima" departure time of last bus between Megijima Ogre's Caves⇨Megijima port has changed.


2019.08.03 【A special planned tour】Shikoku village, Yashima and Kitahama, Harf a day tour

Every Saturday in the summer season (July 19-August 25), special tours are held for three areas where the new artworks are exhibited (around Takamatsu Port: Shikoku village, Yashima, Kitahama).

Departure is from the evening, so if you can not go to the island due to late arriving in Takamatsu, you can join this tour. And even participating is possible, after visiting the island during the day!

In Shikoku village, you can also see the Shikoku village Gallery Exhibition "Genichiro Inokuma-My favorite things-".

Please enjoy the special tour around Takamatsu Port from evening to night.

Photo: Shikoku village (Ram Katzir)

2019.08.03 【mg07】Lucky Day Workshop "1/2 Tour"

Any pair of lovers, friends, family members or even strangers are welcome to experience a guided tour of Megijima. You will each walk a different route, record your favourite memory in photographs, and share these memories with your loved one afterwards.

Date and Time:
August 7 (Thur) Chinese Double Seventh Festival
(Approximately 1 hour)

Meeting place:
Wedding Shop (Megijima, artwork number: mg07)

Target participants:
Groups of 2

¥‎5999 per group (includes snacks, two disposable cameras, film development and scanning service)

Registration and enquiry:
Email to with your name and mobile phone no. or register at the Wedding Shop on the day of the event. Capacity are limited on a first-come, first-served basis.

2019.08.01 The charms of official tour D course (Uno port and Inujima)!

Official tour , which is a guided tour of the islands by chartered ships while watching new artworks of 2019.
We will introduce the charm of D course that travels around Uno Port and Inujima!

①New work appeared in Uno Port!
From the summer session, Noriyuki Haraguchi's artwork "Diagonal Composition 1 / Diagonal Composition 2 / Horizontal Composition" was exhibited at Uno station seaside park. This work, which looks like H steel, a huge heavy building material, is pulled by a wire and supported by an exquisite balance, is extremely powerful if you see it up close.

②Tamano-city "Tamaben" summer version!
"Tamaben," which is very popular for its pretty appearance and delicious taste, has become a summer menu mainly based on chirashi-zushi, which is related to the local dish "Barachishi" in Okayama. Even in the summer when your appetite loose, it is easy to eat.

③Enjoy art facilities and artworks in Inujima!
Participants can stay in Inujima for two and a half hours. In addition to the Inujima Seiren Museum , you can see the Inujima House Project carefully.

Please check the details and application for the tour from the Setouchi Triennale Tour Sales website.