2019.05.31 Distribution of the official application (Android ver.) started.

Sorry to keep you waiting.
From today, we have started distributing the official application (Android version).
Please check the details from here.

2019.05.23 《More info》26(Sun) May: Lion Dance: Sanuki Tradition - entering a new era

We will inform you the details of official Event E26
Lion Dance: Sanuki Tradition - entering a new era, which will be performed at tent space of Takamatsu sunport on 26(Sun) May.

26 MAY (Sun) 2019


The tent space of Takamatsu sunport

Admission fee:

The performer:
・Ayagawa town- Ryonan family lion dance preservation association Nakasuzi lion group(Intangible cultural properties designated by Kagawa Prefecture)
・Mitoyo city- Shichiho Koryu honmura a married couple lion dance preservation association (Intangible cultural properties designated by Mitoyo city)
・Takamatsu city- Sanuki takamatsu lion group
・Miki town- Nijo lion dance
・Sanuki city- Kabenakasuzi lion preservation association
・Higashi kagawa city- Ochiai performing arts preservation association

・Please make sure you will bring your hat or cap and drinks to protect yourself against hot weather.
・In the case of cancellation due to rain, we will announce on official website. Please contact Setouchi Triennale General Information Center (tel 087-813-2244) whenever you find something unclear.

About Sanuki-Lion dance
An association comprising individuals and groups who are proud of more than 400 years of history with as many as 1200 performing groups of Sanuki Shishimai seeks to make the art known to the public and leave the legacy to future generations. They also pursue to help improve the local community and promote the local culture, tradition, and communications among different generations.

2019.05.20 26( Sun) May: Notice of traffic regulation in Shodoshima. (Sakate-Kusakabe, Furue-Tanoura)

For the 42nd 2019 Shodoshima Olive Marathon National Convention held on Sunday, May 26 (Sun), traffic will be controlled between Sakate-Kusakabe and Furue-Tanoura in Shodoshima.
Accordingly, the Shodoshima Olive Bus Regular Line (Sakate-Kusakabe / Tanoura) will also be temporarily suspended (including temporary bus).

Please be careful if you come to the artwork of Sakate port, Kusakabe port, Tanoura peninsula and around Hishio-no-sato.

If you plan to visit Shodoshima on that day, we will suggest how to enjoy Shodoshima during the traffic regulation time zone!

1)In the morning, travel around the northern part of Shodoshima (Kitaura, Obe, Fukuda)
The area subject to traffic regulation on that day is the southeastern part of Shodoshima. You can use time effectively by seeing the artworks of the northern part of Shodoshima (Kitaura, Obe, Fukuda, etc.) during this time. At Fukutake House in Fukuda area, a limited lunch of 40 meals will be provided!

・Kitaura area「Dynamite Traverse Variations」(Chichibu Avant-Garde)
・Obe area 「Beyond the Border - Wave」(Lin Shuen Long(林舜龍)) etc
・At neighboring FUKUTAKE HOUSE-ASIA ART PLATFORM, Fukuda-Asia restaurant, you can enjoy korean foods「Jeyuk Bokkeum(spicy stir-fried pork) Ssambap( rice wrap) set meal」and drinks.

2)Using a boat between Olive Beach (Olive navi Shodoshima) and Twenty-four eyes movie studio

Drive to the vicinity of Shodoshima Olive Park, park your car at Olivenavi Shodoshima , and you can go to Twenty-four eyes movie studio by ferry.
Please check here for details of operation information.

2019.05.15 Little Shops on the Island "Shooting Gallery" Workshop

In Megijima, artist Jin Hasegawa『Little Shops on the Island "Shooting Gallery" 』will hold a workshop.

※No prior application is required, on a first come first served basis. We will close the reception as soon as the quota is reached.

※Apart from the entry fee, it is necessary to show a Triennale passport or appreciation fee of ¥ 600 (a total fee of six works: mg07-mg12).

Island cat face mask making workshop
Take a walk around the area, take a picture of the island cat, and paint it on the face mask of "Hariko" using that cat as a model.

10:30-11:30, 25th and 26th May, 2019

1000 yen

4 people

Amulet making workshop
Go to the beach to pick up shells and stones and find your favorite items. Take them, paint them and complete them.

14:30-15:30, 25th and 26th May, 2019

700 yen

4 people

2019.05.10 Oshima {Tsunagari no Ie}cafe SHIYORU

Photo:Shintaro Miyawaki

Fresh fruit grown on Oshima are used in the drinks and sweets, which are served on pottery dishes fired with Oshima clay. Residents also visit the café to relax and pass the time.「 {Tsunagari no Ie}cafe SHIYORU」。

The café is operated by the Setouchi Koebi-tai network | Supported by Town’s Schule 963

Opening hours
10:30-15:00(L.O 14:30)
Holiday: Monday to Friday

・English tea(HOT/ICE)
・Roppou-yaki ( Bean jam sweet) etc

※Provide only drinks and desserts.
Please note that meals are not has been prepared.

「Roppou-yaki」is a dessert made by residents of a national treatment facility for patients recovery from leprosy when many people lived in Oshima in the old days.
Recently, the recipe of Roppoy-yaki are reproduced and it provides at Shima-kitchen in Teshima.

In addition, pottery dishes "Oshima-yaki" fired with Oshima clay are made by the Setouchi Koebi-tai network.