2019.04.11 Takamatsu airport shuttle runs to "Triennale information center " for the first time during Setouchi Triennale.

During Setouchi Triennale, the airport shuttle which works by Kotoden Bus runs to a special bus stop “Triennale information center” located at the west side of Takamatsu port information center.

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Thus, for the people come from Takamatsu port, it becomes easy to go to Triennale information center as soon as the people get off from the bus.

In addition it is available to collect basic information of each island and port or points to be noted of transportation before getting on the board.
(From Triennale information center to the ferry ticket office, it is accessible though corridor of the second floor without waiting for a traffic signal.)

Term( Same as a term of Setouchi Triennale 2019)
April 26th-May 26th
July 19th-August 25th
September 28th-November 4th

All airport shuttles from Takamatsu airport to Takamatsu station during the above term.
※ A bus stop “Triennale information center” is only for getting off.
To go to Takamatsu airport, please get in the bus from “JR hotel clement Takamatsu” or “Takamatsu station a depot 3”.

JPY 760 from Takamatsu airport (Same as current fare of the bus from Takamatsu airport to Takamatsu station)

Location of a bus stop
At the west side of Takamatsu passenger terminal building (See the above mentioned-figure)