Triennale Shops

We teamed up with a local company specializing in cardboard
creations to design a unique shop space using cardboard furniture.

  • Takamatsu Port
    Triennale Official Shop The Sea market

    TEL:087-813-4401 Hours:9:00〜20:00 (only during setouchi triennale 2019)

    Address:Takamatsu Passenger Terminal Building 3F, 1-1, Sunport, Takamatsu, Kagawa, 760-0019, JAPAN

    Sells all Triennale products.

  • Naoshima Port
    Marine Station "Naoshima" Triennale Official Shop

    TEL:087-813-1405 Hours:9:30〜18:00 (only during setouchi triennale 2019)

    Address:40, 2249, Naoshima-cho, Kagawa-gun, Kagawa, JAPAN

    Sells all Triennale products.

Payment method

You can discounts at setouchi triennale 2019 official shop by shouwing your triennale passport.
※You offer up to 5% discounts once or twice.

Uno Port Information Center Shop

Uno Port Information Center Shop


Address:1, Chikko, Tamano-city, Okayama

[Triennale Goods] passport case/pin badge / badge / postcard / hand towel / t-shirts / masking tape / tote bag / ballpoint pen(friction) / ballpoint pen(jetstream) / colored pencil / clear holder / official guide book

These shops are open during each Triennale session and carry not only Triennale products,
but also products designed by the Redesign Project and products representative
Setouchi that convey the region’s long history of craftsmanship.
*Some items are also sold in information centers on each island.