Triennale Passport

The Triennale Passport provides admission (one visit per site) to Triennale artworks and
facilities when the Triennale is in session. There are two types: the 3 Season Passport,
which is valid for all 3 Triennale sessions, and the Single Season Passport, which is valid
for one season only (spring, summer or autumn).

The 3 Season Passport

For those who want to enjoy all three sessions of the 2019 Triennale.

Sales Period

November 8, 2018 to November 4, 2019


4,800 yen

Discount Price for Ages 16 to 18
3,000 yen
Only purchasable onsite during the Triennale with ID.
15 and under
Admission free

(Excluding a few artworks & facilities)

Single Season Passports (Spring, Summer or Autumn)

For those who plan to visit during only one Triennale session, there are summer, spring or autumn session Passports.

Sales Period

Spring: April 26 to May 26, 2019
Summer: May 27 to August 25, 2019
Autumn: August 26 to November 4, 2019

4,000 yen
Discount Price for Ages 16 to 18
2,500 yen
Only purchasable onsite during the Triennale with ID.
Under 15
Admission free

(Excluding a few artworks and facilities)

Purchase online

The Single Season Passport for the Autumn session can be purchased from August 26, 2019.
There is no advance discount price for Single Season Passports.

Using Your Triennale Passport

(1)This Passport provides admission to Triennale artworks and facilities during the period(s) in which it is valid.
◎This Passport is only good for one holder. Sign it before using it.
◎This Passport is good for one visit per site. If you visit the same site more than once and show your valid Passport, you will be given a 100-yen discount on admission to most artworks.

◎Some works and facilities require a separate fee

na05B Naoshima Bath "I♥湯"(Naoshima)
Bath admission: 660 JPY
na17B Kinza(Naoshima)
Viewing: 510 JPY ※Reservation Required
na18B Benesse House Park Art Tour(Naoshima)
Tour fee: 500 JPY
na21B Chichu Art Museum(Naoshima)
Admission: 2,100 JPY※Reservation Required
te07B TomNaH-iu(Teshima)
Admission: 500 JPY※Reservation Required
te13B Teshima Art Museum(Teshima)
Admission: 1,570 JPY
mg16 EAT&ART TARO(Megijima)
Cost of food & drink
mg19 Oninoko Productions(Megijima / Cave)
Cave admission: 400 JPY
sd27 CEORGES gallery(Shodoshima)
With Passport: Admission: 300 JPY
sd32 Fisherman's Dream(Shodoshima)
With Passport: 500 JPY
tk05 I’m here.(Takamatsu Public Swimming pool)
Public pool admission: 510 JPY(adults), 340 JPY(high schoolers)
tk13 The Kagawa Museum(Takamatsu)
With Passport: 800 JPY(adults/Spring, Summer) 1,000 JPY(adults/Autumn) ※discount/session
tk14 Takamatsu Art Museum(Takamatsu)
With Passport: 800 JPY(adult) 400 JPY(university student)
tk15,16 Shikoku-Mura(Yashima)
With Passport: 500 JPY
un03 Beyond the last stop(Uno Port)
Rental cycle: 600 JPY(plus 2,000-yen deposit, refundable upon return of bicycle)

(2)Present your Passport to Triennale staff at the reception counter for each artwork.
◎For artworks with no reception counter, you do not need to present this Passport.
◎Pleas be aware that there may be some waiting time for admission to the artworks.
◎Some works may be closed due to maintenance, etc.
◎For some works and facilities, you will be given a numbered waiting slip. Please ask the staff at these locations for more details.


◎You cannot make reservations for viewings or for group admissions with the Triennale Passport.
◎This Passport is non-refundable and cannot be reissued.
◎We bear no responsiblity for Triennale Passports that are lost stolen, etc.
◎You may not resell this Passport for commercial gain under any circumstances.
◎If this Passport is wrongfully used, it shall be considered invalid and may be confiscated.
◎Failure to follow the instructions and warnings of staff or other personnel may result in the confiscation of this Passport.