Special Benefits

You can receive the following benefits by showing your Triennale Passport.


1.Discount on admission to Setouchi Triennale 2019 events.
2.Discounts at participacing cultural facilities and restaurants in Kagawa and Okayama prefectures.
3.Discoutns on Setouchi Triennale 2019 merchandise.
◎Limited to merchandise sold at the Triennale shops in Takamatsu Port and Naoshima(Miyanoura Port).
◎You will receive a 5% discount a maximum of one or two times※When you show your Triennale Passport.
4.Free parking at designated Triennale parking areas a maximum of one or two times※ depending on the type of Triennale Passport during the period of validity.
◎You may be turned away if the parking area is full.
◎A parking attendant will stamp your Triennale Passport.

①Parking Areas for Triennale Passport Holders
②Sunport Takamatsu, Section B2, 140 spaces
③Sunport Takamatsu, Section A1, 360 spaces

※Please note that for benefits 3 and 4, holders of a Single Season Passport may choose either benefit 3 sales discount or 4 free parking, not both. The benefit only applies once. Holders of a 3 Season Passport can use benefit 3 and 4 a combined total of 2 times, for example, once for 3 sales discount and once for 4 free parking or twice for either 3 or 4.