Photo:Keizo Kioku

Photo:Keizo Kioku

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노무라 마사토

작품 No. ta11

Terrace of Inland Sea

Enjoy Italian cuisine on a terrace overlooking the sea

Located partway up the east slope of Takamijima, a restaurant overlooking the sea serves Italian cuisine.
On a plot along a narrow village lane bordered by the stonewalls distinctive of the Ura district, Nomura created a terrace that provides a bright open space. Visitors from Japan and overseas share tables with local islanders.

Design: M. Nomura Associates (Masahito Nomura, Yoshihiro Kamata)
Flower arrangement cooperation: Yuko Kusuhara (Kagetsu School)
Production cooperation: Yuko Terai, Toshiaki Nomura
Cooking direction: Sieji Nakano, Kazuyo Tsugita

작품 정보

지역 다카미시마 하마 / 우라
개관 시간 The art viewing
Restaurant opening hours
10: 30am-16: 00pm (LO 15: 00pm) on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday
13:30pm-16:00pm (LO 15:00pm) on Monday and Saturday
※On 3rd November (Sun), the restaurant will be chartered and it is open only at 10: 30am-11: 30am and 13: 00pm-15: 00pm (LO)
휴일 Open everyday during the Triennale
요금 Art viewing: Admission Free
Restaurant: pay for the meal (Pasta 1300 yen ~etc)
비고 Please check the following for the menu and opening hours. The details

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