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Inujima Rakucha Tea Ceremony 2019

Inujima Rakucha Tea Ceremony 2019 is a tea ceremony held in Inujima. A tearoom for this tea ceremony is a converted movable rear car (red color).
In addition, this time another rear car (black color) is produced and these 2 rear cars join in union to appear widely.
Inujima is only one place from Okayama prefecture for the venue of Setouchi Triennale, and it is the most nearest island from the place of production of Bizen ware. Current Bizen ware, which made by artist, is seen to be avant-garde with tradition, and there is a wide variety of changing.
Tea ceremony is held with these “new industrial arts” as tea things.

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University student, High school student and junior high school student: ¥300
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