Ota Yasutomo x Oka Kaoru / Kagawa University International Institute of Rare Sugar Research and Education

Yasutomo Ota
Born in 1988, from Yamanashi. Book artist. In 2017, he acquired the German's highest degree Meister Schuller in book art for the first time in Japan under professor Sabine Gorde of Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design (Halle, Germany).
To date, he has produced and presented his works in Germany and other European countries, and has collected many works, mainly in Europe and the United States, as public collections.

Kaoru Oka
Born in Tokyo. Director / TV Producer.
Graduated from Yamagata University Faculty of Agriculture in 2003. At university, she studied the ecological physiology of cattle.
Joined a TV station and mainly produced animal and art programs and met rare sugars. Since then, she has been in charge of art direction for books related to rare sugar. 2013 ANN Manufacturing Network Grand Prize Excellence Award

Kagawa University International Institute of Rare Sugar Research and Education
An organization newly established to promote the plan in a university-wide system at Kagawa University, which leads the world in “Rare Sugar Research”. Research for the techniques of rare sugar production is strengthened and research for the application development of rare sugar are promoted with a focus on agricultural materials, drug and special health food. In addition, this organization was restructured from existing "Rare sugar research center" to new organization as an organization to aim providing research results to the society and the world widely.

A research adviser and a leader in rare sugar research, Mr. Ken Izumori, Professor Emeritus of Kagawa University discovered enzymes leading to mass production of rare sugars from new species of microorganisms in 1991, and subsequently succeeded in mass production of rare sugar D-psicose for the first time in the world. Devised Izumoring, which is also said to be a plan for producing rare sugars. Since then, Kagawa University continues to lead the world in rare sugar research.