2019.08.19 “Sora-Ami:Knitting the Sky” will be more powerful on Hojima for autumn season.

“Sora-Ami:Knitting the Sky” (Yasuaki Igarashi), is a popular artwork on Syamijima during the spring season.
During the autumn season (9/28 ~ 11/4), the relation of this artwork will be expanded to the central and western islands of Kagawa and it will be exhibited on Honjima.

During the spring season, fishermen and locals from the five islands of Yoshima area (Syamijima, Seijima, Yoshima, Iwakurojima, and Hitsuishijima) created a 60-meter fishing net together.

During the fall season, this relation will spread further to the western island of Kagawa.
The total length of the knitting net is expected to be 120 meters, connected the net which made by fishermen from Honjima, Ushijima, Hiroshima, Teshima, Kotejima, Takamijima, Sanagijima, Shishijima and Awashima.

On Honjima, the artist Igarashi and the locals are already working together.

Igarashi and the locals met again after three years since 2016.
The creating place is friendly.
Knitting the net connects people and people, islands and islands.

There are many other works on Honjima.
Please check the details on the Honjima page.