Screening of Megijima

In Setouchi Triennale 2016, at artwork “ISLAND THEATRE MEGI MEGI ISLAND REVIVAL HOUSE” made on Megi Island, movie screening was held. It was tour style movie screening which participants come back to Takamatsu port by a chartered ship. The participants enjoyed movie screening, seeing artworks on island at night, and having a dinner relating to movie with experiencing sunset on island.
This is a special program that enjoys Night Island after a liner finished.

[Guide]Fram Kitagawa
[Movie]『Bokutachi no kazoku』(2014)

It will be held on Saturday, October 12 during the Autumn session.

Event Information

Megijima, Community Area
08.17/SAT , 10.12/SAT
15:40 Dep. at Takamatsu Port/20:50 Arr. at Takamatsu Port
Admission 8000yen
Notes [Advance ticket] Selling on website of Kotohira Bus Co.,Ltd.