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Barcarole for Birth

An original play made by children from Naoshima and Setouchi.
We deliver the Hachiman Shrine visiting tour that the children planned, and the integrated type of theatrical performances.

There is a history before our birth,
We are made from many old tale.

Love story of father and mother.
Parenting story of grandpa and grandma.
The story of the youth of great grandfather and great grandma.
The story of the birth of great great grandpa and great great grandma.
Also great great great ...

We listened, gathered, thought, piled up, and took three months to create it.
It is a theater only for us who has grown on this land.

Deliver to the farthest! Our song!

Director:Yoshie Ochi
Performers:Children from Naoshima and Setouchi
Choreographer:Yoshie Ochi
Sound:Masao Murakami STACKS TRUST Co,.Ltd.
Lighting:Tetsuya Fukuda Care Ltd.
Stage director:Ieyasu Wakadanna(Kotori Kaigi)
Stage design:Junichi Moriyama Full stage Co,.Ltd.
Music:Chon Mika

Event Information

Naoshima, Honmura
08.10/SAT , 08.11/SUN
Admission Advance ticket: 1000yen
Today's ticket:1500yen
Passport discount: 1300yen
High, junior high school students, and Elementary school students : 800 yen( Both advance ticket and today's ticket)
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