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Photo: Jim Thompson Art Center

Asia Art Platform "Déjà vu - the Living Heritage"

Wisdom, olden aesthetics, and sensitivities to nature "the Living Heritage" that has been passed on from generation to generation are considered to be disappearing, but in reality they are changed in shape and appear in our lives like dejaves.
This time, by the performance that projected the unique cultural background, while experiencing "the Living Heritage" of the past, leaving it in the future as a culture with an important meaning, you can experience the blessings of nature on the stage of Fukuda - a small village surrounded by mountains.

Indication mistake of Triennale passport
Triennale passport (3 seasons) p. 6 "E12" Asian Art platform "Déjà vu - the Living Heritage" ,
There is an indication of "Autumn" mark in the session information, but this event is held only summer session.
Please note that this event is NOT held for fall season.

Event Information

Shodoshima, Fukuda
17:00~19:00( 16:30 Open door)
Admission Advance ticket¥2,000
Today's ticket ¥2,500
Discount for passport holder ¥2,300
Admission free for under 15 years old
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