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Seppuku Pistols Setouchi Tours

With the slogan “Let's make Edo period in Japan!”, while wearing old Japanese style farm clothes, Seppuku Pistols play Japanese musical instruments throughout Japan. They specializes in performing of a phantom, each member acts individual activities such as local exploration and research, movies, craftsman, agriculture, and Terakoya(private elementary school). Such Seppuku Pistols will perform with a title of "Making a village" in Shikoku village of Yashima.

Popular name: ○ Ichimura
11: 00 ~ 15: 00 At the old houses dotted in Shikoku village

• Dyeing shop (experience)
• Kimono shop (old Japanese style farm clothes sale / repair)
• Terakoya / Manual school (Experience / Shigin(Recitation of poem), Shakuhachi, Ohayashi(Musical band, etc.)
• Gamaguchi shop (experience / sales)
•A red sale of wanted poster (experience)
• Footwear shop (experience / sales / repair)
• Special souvenirs shop of Seppuku Pistols

In addition, Kagokaki(palanquin-bearer) and Annai-Koujou-Tsujiuri( Street vender) are planned in the village.

From 19:00, Seppuku Pistols will do a concert (spree) at Shodoshima rural Kabuki stage.
(Open door 18:00, Start 19:00 End 20:00 )

Concert Online Ticket
Eplus: https://eplus.jp/sf/detail/3001720001-P0030001
peatix: https://setouchi2019event-e35.peatix.com/

Special Tour
A special tour to enjoy a concert while eating original meal after watching the artwork of “Kitahama Creators' Studio” in Kitahama area and Yashima mountain top.

◆ Tour cost ◆
6,800 yen (including reserved bus fee, lunch fee, Shikoku village event appreciation ticket, guide fee, attendant fee, travel insurance fee)
※ For the artwork appreciation of "Kitahama Creators' Studio", it is necessary to show a triennial passport or an individual appreciation fee.

◆ Schedule ◆
DEPARTURE:16:00 Takamatsu Station North side bus terminal 11th depot → Kitahama area ("Kitahama Creators' Studio "appreciation) → Yashima mountain top (artwork appreciation, walk on mountain → 19:00-20:00 concert (with a meal) → ARRIVAL: Around 20:35 Takamatsu Station North Bus Terminal

For tour details and applications, please visit the following Setouchi Triennale Tour Sales Website.

Event Information

Takamatsu, Yashima
11:00~15:00 / 19:00~20:00
Admission Concert
Advance ticket ¥ 1,000
Today's ticket ¥ 1,500
Discount for passport holder¥1,300 High school student and under: ¥800(Advance ticket and Today's ticket)

※ Tickets are on sale from 20th June by peatix, e plus, Shikoku village, DUKE SHOP Takamatsu branch.

With free shuttle bus (departs from Takamatsu Station)
※ Advance sales ¥ 1,000, High school student and under: ¥800
※ The free shuttle bus can be taken only by those who have this ticket.
Tickets will be on sale by Peatix from 20th June.
Notes ※ Open time of Shikoku village of the day is from 8:30 to 17:00 (Last admission: 16:00)
※ By showing Triennale passport, admission fee is discounted for half the price
※ For the participant of the concert, please be sure to leave the village once at 17:00, and re-enter at 18:00 (Separate ticket required).

【For the participant of concert】
・ Ticket Buying: peatix, eplus, Shikoku village, DUKE SHOP Takamatsu store
・ It is possible to enter the village from 18:00 with the concert ticket, but can not see the village.
・Standing room only.
・ It will be held even in light rain. No roof in the venue. Please bring your own rain gear when it rains.