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Kinoshita-Kabuki [Supervised by Yuichi Kinoshita、Directed by Momoko Shiraga]


Setouchi urokuzu monogatari - GYOTS -

Kinoshita Kabuki is a theater company that presents works from Japanese classical theater, including Bunraku and Kabuki, as modern plays, basing their reinterpretations on each work’s historical context. The company makes its first appearance at the Setouchi Triennale in 2022. Yuichi Kinoshita and Momoko Shiraga (Momonga Complex) are collaborating to create an original work based on the history, folklore and performing arts of the Setouchi area. When fish begin talking about the past, the entrance to another world lying dormant at the bottom of the sea opens…
The cast features ryoku (narrative singing) master Nanafuku Tamagawa, as well as actors, dancers, and classical Japanese dancers in a unique joint performance set to live music. A premium performance exclusive to the Triennale will be presented at the Hitoyama Rural Kabuki Stage, which has been designated an important tangible folk cultural asset. Come to Shodoshima this summer and immerse yourself in the deep blue world of the Seto Inland Sea!
Supervision/Prosthetics: Yuichi Kinoshita
Direction/Choreography: Momoko Shiraga (Momonga Complex)
Cast: Aokid Izumi Hideki, Rie Usui, Momoko Shiraga, Kimio Taketani, Nanafuku Tamagawa
Music: Yukiko Nishii

Art: Takuya Kamiike
Lighting: Nami Nakayama
Sound: Yasutaka Kobayakawa
Costume Design: Chie Ono
Assistant Director: Minami Suzuki
Stage Manager: Nobuaki Oshika
Production: Mai Hongo

Event Information

Shodoshima, Hitoyama / Nakayama
Hitoyama Farm Kabuki Stage
05.14/SAT , 05.15/SUN
17:30 - 19:30
Admission General: 3,000 yen Same-day ticket passport discount: 3,300 yen General Same-day ticket : 3,500 yen Elementary and junior high school: 1,500 yen
Notes Canceled only in case of heavy rain. ( If it'll be canceled, it'll be noticed on Urgent Information.)
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