2019.05.10 Tamano-city box lunch "Tamaben"

During Setouchi Triennale 2019, Tamano-city special box lunch named "Tamaben" will be on sale at Uno port information center!

This additive-free box lunch was produced by Maki Tagami who is the representative of "bento HATOBA". She is a food creator with the theme of " The food makes smile" by additive-free box lunch and a seasoning workshop.
This box lunch are filled with local delicious food of Tamano and the Setouchi product. All foods are shaped of a round ball( this image came from Tamano-city"Tama", and it means a round ball).
So, it is easier to pick at them on the way and outside.

We are happy to make box lunches with all our heart, and welcome all visitors. Have a fun trip!

Uno port information center

Teshima( Shima kitchen etc) with limited in quantities


850yen (Tax included)

Octopus rice ball, cereal rice, rolled sushi of conger&cucumber, fried and boiled of Ganmodoki( deep-fried tofu mixed with thinly sliced vegetables) &law shiitake mushroom, Chinese dumplings of olive pork&bamboo shoots, island pickle(Directed by EAT&TARO TARO), Kinton(mushed sweet potato) of purple sweet potato&millet

Based on Naoshima's holiday

bento HATOBA