2019.10.14 17th-21th October, the traffic congestion on Teshima due to a festival

On 17, 18, 20, and 21 October, the Taiko (Drum) Festival will be held on Teshima.
As a result, the traffic will be congested. Also, please keep away from Taiko stand because it is very dangerous.

17 (Thu), 18 (Fri) October
Ieura and Suzuri areas

20 (Sun), 21 (Mon) October
Karato area

* Some of the routes from Karato Port to te14 “No one wins – Multibasket” and te15-B “Les Archives du Coeur” have sections where cars, motorcycles and bicycles are not allowed. However, walking is available.

On 18 (Fri) and 21 (Mon) October, at the festival venues in each district, there are stamp pads of Kagawa prefecture collaboration projects .