2019.08.16 Published a video about Art prefecture, Kagawa.

In Kagawa Prefecture, Amon Miyamoto publishes a video about Takamatsu Port, Megijima, and Ogijima.

For details, please check here.

2019.08.09 New project of Chiharu Shiota & Tsuyoshi Tane in Kou area of Teshima!

Chiharu Shiota, who is attracting a lot of attention to the “Chiharu Shiota Exhibition: The Soul Trembles” held at the Mori Art Museum, and Tsuyoshi Tane, who has won the international design competition of the Estonian National Museum and attracted worldwide attention, their plan of new artwork「New Project (Untitled), In Progress」 is publishing in Kou area of Teshima.

The theme is about a memory shared by them which only exists here and has never been seen by anyone else. They aim to complete the work in three years. A conceptual model will be exhibited along with Distant Memory.

Chiharu Shiota & Tsuyoshi Tane "New Project (Untitled), In Progress"
Photo: Keizo Kioku

From Ieura Port, you can go to there by bus!
For details such as timetables, please check the Teshima Tourists Navigation page below.

2019.08.08 Summer menu of Fukuda-Asia restaurant

In Fukuda area , Shodishima, there is 「FUKUTAKE HOUSE-ASIA ART PLATFORM」 which was renovated from a defunct elementary school. Neighboring Fukuda-Asia restaurant, you can enjoy asian foods.
During summer session, there 3 kinds of set meal.

Fukuda set meal《Japanese mixed rice》

Asian set meal A《Gaprao rice》

Asian set meal B《Korean cold noodle》

To go to "FUKUTAKE HOUSE"/"Fukuda restaurant", it takes 5 minutes by car from Fukuda port and 20 minutes by car from Obe port. And also it takes 30 minutes by car from Sakaide port.

It is smoothly to go to Lin Shuen Long's art 「Beyond the Border - Wave」 from Fukuda restaurant.

How about adding this plan to one of making a tour of Shodoshima?

Opening hours
11:00-16:00 (LO 15:30)
Open everyday during Triennale

・ Fukuda set meal《Japanese mixed rice》 1000yen
・Asian set meal A《Gaprao rice》1000yen
・Asian set meal B《Korean cold noodle》 1000yen
・Ice coffee 300yen
・Yuzu soda 300yen
・Ume soda 300yen
・Shiso soda 300yen
・Cola 300yen

2019.08.04 《Notice》"Megijima" departure time of last bus between Megijima Ogre's Caves⇨Megijima port has changed.


2019.08.03 【A special planned tour】Shikoku village, Yashima and Kitahama, Harf a day tour

Every Saturday in the summer season (July 19-August 25), special tours are held for three areas where the new artworks are exhibited (around Takamatsu Port: Shikoku village, Yashima, Kitahama).

Departure is from the evening, so if you can not go to the island due to late arriving in Takamatsu, you can join this tour. And even participating is possible, after visiting the island during the day!

In Shikoku village, you can also see the Shikoku village Gallery Exhibition "Genichiro Inokuma-My favorite things-".

Please enjoy the special tour around Takamatsu Port from evening to night.

Photo: Shikoku village (Ram Katzir)