2019.05.07 On May 12(SUN)-Some artwork is impossible to see due to power failure in Oshima.

On May 12(Sun) -The following artworks in Oshima is impossible to see due to power failure.

os01 Blue Sky Aquarium(Seizo Tashima)
os06 Ayumi Kitarite(Fuyuki Yamakawa)
os08 Moon landing(Tomoko Konoike)※Because this art is using a monitor screen, it is impossible to see.
os09 {Tsunagari no Ie}cafe SHIYORU ※Only cold drinks can be served.

2019.04.25 《Info》Eco station

The eco station (large garbage) is specially established at Takamatsu port, Uno port, Shodoshima( Tonosho port, Ikeda port, Kusakabe port, Sakate port, Fukuda port) and Shamijima.

Please be sure to carry your trash back to home or eco station.

2019.04.21 The box lunch sales in Shamijima.

In Shamijima, the box lunch sales will start by local people to make atmosphere more excited in Yotoh area of 5 islands.
Local people took soup stock from Trafugu that raised in Nakanda beach, and they provide special Trafugu box lunch with Fugu rice containing much sliced fish during Spring session for every day,

In addition, from 4 islands except for Shamijima(Seijima, Yoshima, Iwakurojima, Hitsuishijima), each special lunch with local characteristic will be provided.

By the way, 「Why did Shamijima connect with main island?」「What is Yotoh area of 5 islands?」
Please check our Blog "Exploring Setouch", if you have doubts about that.

Exploring Setouch
The Five Islands of the Yoshima Region~Two Islands Joined by Land, Three Islands Connected by the Seto Ohashi Bridge~

2019.04.17 Early Exchange of Vouchers for Triennale Passports

If you bought an advance discount voucher for the Setouchi Triennale and
you either live in Takamatsu or are planning to arrive in Takamatsu
before the Triennale, you can exchange your vouchers for Triennale
Passports before the Triennale starts from now to April 25 at the
Setouchi Triennale General Information Center between 9:00 and 17:00 on
the 3rd floor of the Takamatsu Port Passenger Terminal building.

2019.04.05 The official application(iOS) delivery starts!

Setouchi Triennale 2019 official application (iOS)delivery starts!!

We are going to deliver application for Android version later.

It is available to check the location of artwork by application and also it introduces recommended plan according to the staying days.

For the start of April 26th, we will enrich the content of functions.
Please download this application( for free)!