Fuyuki Yamakawa


Working across boundaries of contemporary art / music / the performing arts while exploring the relationship between body and voice and society and the environment. As a singer, he is known as a master of Homei in Japan.

【Major works, exhibitions, etc.】
2015 "Sayoko Yamaguchi: Wearist, Clothed in the Future" Exhibition (MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART TOKYO)
2015 "Collection Becoming" Exhibition (MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART TOKYO)
2014 "Sapporo International Art Festival 2014" (Sapporo station square underground walking space Hokkaido)
2013 "Omnilogue: Your Voice is Mine" Exhibition (NUS Museum Singapore)
2012 "3.11 Artists and the disaster" (Art Tower Mito)

【Main Awards】
2015 Yokohama Cultural Award and Art Encouragement Award
2003 The 4th International Homei Festival Avant Garde Award sponsored by UNESCO