Julian Opie

United Kingdom

One of the leading artists of contemporary art in England. Since the 1990s, he has presented innovative artworks in the European art scene, and attracted international attention. About his art, the major themes of Western paintings such as landscapes and persons since the late 1990's were radically simplified, and the style expressed with limited elements continues to attract great support not only in the art world but in a broad cultural scene. He has a deep knowledge of Japanese art, is also a collector of Ukiyo-e from Hiroshige Utagawa and Utamaro Kitagawa, and Japanese art influence on his style is also well known. The field of activity is not limited to the art world, and he has also worked on numerous projects such as Blur's album jacket, the Royal Ballet of the UK and stage design for U2.

[Major works, exhibitions, etc.]
2015 Neues Museum
2014 Polish Museum of Contemporary Art
2012 Tate Gallery Liverpool
2012 UK National Portrait Gallery
2011 The British Museum