Pinaree Sanpitak-Portrait by Tanapol Kaewpring-2018

Pinaree Sanpitak

Born in Bangkok, Thailand in 1961. She began her working in the late 1980s as one of the first generation of contemporary Thai artists.

What she has been practiced in her works is the praise of the woman's body as an instrument of experience and perception, and its most original and basic forms are extracted as vessels and mountains.

The motif that appears repeatedly in her work is the breast of a woman, resembling Stupa's architectural style known as a pagoda, but it is sometimes represented as a bowl.

This work for Honjima is a multi-disciplinary art project consisting of drawings, installations, sculptures, and food, in order to respect Shiwaku carpenter, Japanese traditional crafts, and to create a platform for people to gather in Kasajima.