Planning Your Itinerary

  • Make your own

  • Let us plan it for you

  • Personal Itinerary

    Planning your own itinerary using the Triennale guidebook and website can be one of the highlights of your Triennale experience. You can plan your itinerary around the artworks you most want to see or choose a relaxing route that lets you appreciate the scenery. You can also follow the sample itineraries suggested in the Triennale guidebook and Triennale app or use them as a reference when planning your own.

    We recommend taking the Triennale guidebook and app with you on your travels.
    The Triennale app is great for looking up routes to different artworks or checking out ferry timetables and any changes or updates in ferry information.

  • Official Tours

    We are offering guided tours of the Setouchi Triennale with a particular focus on the new works presented in 2019.
    Guides will deepen the participants’ understanding of the islands and artworks and introduce them to special regional foods. Newcomers and repeaters alike will gain greater appreciation for the artworks and the region’s charms. As an added bonus, participants won’t have to line up for ferries because transportation is mainly by chartered boat.

  • Customized Tours

    We plan customized tours to suit specific needs and requests and make the necessary arrangements.
    Tours are led by Koebi-tai guides well-versed in the Triennale.