Photo:Keizo Kioku

Photo:Keizo Kioku

Lin Shuen Long

作品 No. sd36

Beyond the Border - Wave

- In the fall of 2016, children from 196 countries melted away in the cold wind on the beach at the Port of Obe, located on the northern part of Shodoshima, an island in the Seto Inland Sea. The children floated away with the tide to return home.
- In the spring of 2019, in a crisp breeze, a bronze statue representing the children of the world shouldered the blessings of the sea and walked back from over the horizon beyond the placid sea. He stopped at a rock in the intertidal zone and stared intently at the seaside where he had been born three years prior. His body, riddled with oysters and other shellfish, sparkled, and he closed his eyes in thought. The ebb and flow of the tide at times revealed this scene and at times swallowed it up.
- In a plaza inside the seawall, thousands of bamboo trees will be used to build a curvy, bubbly sea creature. Their layered, radiating form resemble a sea urchin or sea anemone. The creature lies on its belly on the plaza, its thousands of tentacles flapping in the wind as they reach out to the sky and sea. The sight of it draws in the children of the world. Meanwhile, the enormous wriggling body seems to writhe in serpentine fashion.
- If you climb the long bamboo path from the sea creature's tail end and pass between the pair of trees, you enter a bright crossway that radiates outward. The deeper you go, the narrower the path becomes, but if you visit the sea creature's belly, you find a sanctified space with a raised ceiling like that in a gothic cathedral. The sunlight seeps in between the bamboo, while the warm sea breeze turns into a cool, refreshing wind as it blows between the wood. Shaken by that wind, the bamboo rattles about and produces a whisper-like sound.
- Each piece of lengthy bamboo will be woven together to create the gentle walls of this space. Fat hemp rope dangles down from above to provide a swing for the children to play on. It is a place where they can do as they please on their visit to the sea, as if they have literally returned to the place where they were brought up.
- When you go through the narrow door straight ahead, you arrive at a bamboo platform connecting to the sea. Surrounded by the radiating bamboo, you face the world of the children standing at the ocean. Something is ringing, down below the platform. Following that sound down the stairs on either side, you enter a space filled with bamboo wind chimes crafted by hand by Taiwanese students. They shake and ring when the wind blows them. This place is also the entrance to the beach.
- When night falls, the sea creature's belly of waves emits a soft glow that slips between the shafts of bamboo out to their ends. The waves turn into a golden egg, alternating between bright and dark. Inside this seemingly breathing halo of light, a new life is raised, as a rebirth of the children of the world on the other side of the sea.
- The waves do not merely represent the ocean. They are a message from the sea. Each one of the waves delivers a soothing sensation that is distant or close, or from long ago or the future.


地区 小豆岛 大部
开放时间 9:30-17:00
节日 会期中不休息
费用 300yen




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