Triennale Passport

Is there a Passport for children?
Children 15 and under can receive a free Passport. Please ask at the Triennale information centers.
Can I buy or exchange Triennale Passports and Three-Day Ferry Passes at any port?
You can buy or exchange a voucher for a Triennale Passport at the information center on each island.
Please check the following link.

3-Day Ferry Passes can be purchased or received in exchange for a voucher at the ticket offices of the relevant ferries.
Please check the following link.
Is it possible to buy Triennale Passports or Three-Day Ferry Passes from outside Japan?
You can buy a Triennale Passport from overseas. Please check the following page.

Unfortunately, 3-Day Ferry Passes cannot be purchased from overseas. Please buy them directly at the ferry ticket counters or at the Setouchi Triennale Information Centers located in Takamatsu Port, Uno Port and Tonosho Port.
What is the Triennale Passport?
The Triennale passport is a ticket, which you can see artworks (facilities) of Triennale 2022 during Setouchi Triennale 2022.
There are 2 kinds of passports : One is 3 season passport which is available for all sessions, and another is 1 season passport which is available only each session, spring, summer and autumn. A discounted ticket is now on sale until 13th April 2022. Click here to read more.
How can I get a Triennale Passport?
Please click here for more information.
Can I buy the actual Passport?
Passports can only be bought directly when the Triennale is in session. They are sold at Triennale information centers on the islands and at the ports.
How do I use the Triennale Passport?
Show your Triennale Passport to the staff before entering each art site. They will stamp the number of the art site on your Passport. At outdoor sites that require no admission, you will find a stamp hanging from the signpost so that you can stamp your own Passport.
Can I get a refund on the Triennale Passport?
No, there are no refunds.
Is there a discount for senior citizens or for people with disabilities?
No, there are no such discounts available.
I lost my Triennale Passport. Is it possible to have it re-issued?
No, we do not re-issue lost Passports.
Do I have to wait in line with a Triennale Passport or a Three-Day Ferry Pass?
Even if you have a Triennale Passport or a 3-Day Ferry Pass, you need to wait in line when required.

The Official Guidebook

Is the guide book released?
It will be on sale.

If the release date is decided, we will inform you on our website and SNS.


Is it easy to travel from island to island without returning to Uno or Takamatsu?
It is possible to travel from island to island without stopping at Takamatsu Port or Uno Port.
Please double-check the ferry routes here.


Ferries and High Speed Passenger Boats

Can I make a reservation for a ferry or a high speed boat?
Reservations are only accepted for vehicles, not for passengers.
Are the boats crowded?
During the Setouchi Triennale, the boats can get very crowded so you should allow yourself plenty of time to buy tickets.
Are there any taxi-boats available to travel to the islands?
Maritime taxis are available.
However, please note that foreign languages may not be supported.

The 3-Day Triennale Ferry Pass

Can I ask about the validity of the 3-Day Triennale Ferry Pass?
It is valid for consecutive three days from the day when you exchange for an actual ticket initially during the Setouchi Triennale. The pass can be used multiple times for ferry only during the Triennal. However, you can not use to spanning the period to session outside.
Can I use the 3-Day Ferry Pass to take a high speed passenger boat?
No, you cannot.

Transportation on the Islands

How crowded are the islands during the festival? How long do visitors usually have to wait in line?
During the Triennale, all islands will be very crowded with many visitors.
It will vary from artwork to artwork, but some locations may have around 10-30 minutes waiting time.
Where can I rent a bicycle?
For Naoshima, Teshima, Megijima, Shodoshima, Honjima, Awashima, Takamatsu Port and Uno Port, there are rental bicycle shops around the port. However, please note that foreign languages may not be supported.
Do you set up the wheelchair at each location?
We set up the wheelchair which can be used to visitors at each information center and main office. Inquiry to main information center for detail.

Tel: (+81) 87-813-2244
Can I take a baby buggy to the Triennale or rent one locally?
It is possible to take a baby buggy into most art sites, but please be aware that some sites are not level. We do not rent baby buggies.
Are there taxis on the islands?
There are taxis on Naoshima, Teshima, and Shodoshima. Please note that the number of taxis on Naoshima and Teshima is very limited.
Do you have a bus timetable for each island?
The bus timetables are in the Guidebook.
If you download the official application, route search including bus movement on the island is possible.
When the Triennale is not in session, the schedules may be different, so please check with the local bus companies.
Can I get around the islands on foot?
The art sites on Megijima, Ogijima, Inujima, Oshima, Shamijima, Takamijima, Awashima and Ibukijima are all within walking distance. On Naoshima, Teshima, Shodoshima and Honjima we recommend combining walking with local island buses or rent-a-cycles.
How long does it take to travel between the different art sites on Shodoshima?
Shodoshima is the second largest island in the Seto Inland Sea and the artwork locations are scattered over a wide area.
We recommend using either the public bus or a car to travel between the artworks.
What is the best means of transportation to visit artworks on Shodoshima?
We recommend using the bus.
How can I reach Mito Peninsula on Shodoshima if I don’t have a car?
We recommend using the bus.


How many art sites can I visit in one day?
To see artworks with going around on island takes a day in the case of Naoshima, Shoudoshima and Teshima.
In the case of other islands, it takes about half a day per island. However there are some cases of taking times due to change the ferries, please make a schedule with time to spare.
Is it possible for a non-Japanese speaker to attend the events? Or will it be difficult?
There are many events that you can enjoy even if you don't understand Japanese.
Please check the following page.
Can I leave my garbage on the islands?
Unfortunately, the islands cannot sustain the extra amount of garbage generated by the visitors. Please, be sure to take your garbage with you when you leave the island. You can dispose of your garbage at the eco station garbage cans located at Takamatsu and Uno Port when you return from the islands.
Please follow this link for the eco station locations:
Should I make a reservation to visit the art sites?
You need to make a reservation to visit the Chichu Art Museum and the Teshima Art Museum. Please check the following websites.
For Chichu Art Museum:

For Teshima Art Museum:

For other art facilities that require reservations in Naoshima-Island, please check the below;

There are no reservations for the other artworks.
If I visit the islands outside of the Setouchi Triennale sessions is it still possible to see some art?
On most islands, you can still enjoy outdoor artworks, but indoor artworks will be closed in-between sessions.
Please note that facilities and artworks belonging to Benesse Art Site Naoshima follow a different calendar that you can consult on the following website.
Is there anything to see or do on the islands besides the art?
In addition to artworks, each island has unique attractions and sightseeing spots. Depending on the season, local events may also be held.
Is there a place to check my luggage?
There are coin lockers and baggage storages around Takamatsu port and Uno port. Please click the following page for more details.

Also, baggage delivery service is available at Takamatsu Port Triennale Official Shop during sessions.
Please check the following page for more details.


○Traditional Chinese

○Simplified Chinese

How long does it take to visit the art sites on all of the islands?
About one week.
Is Naoshima the main island? Are the other ones worth visiting too?
The Setouchi Triennale artworks are exhibited on 12 islands and 2 ports in the Seto Inland Sea. There are many attractive artworks on each island, so we recommend visiting as many islands as possible.
What is the weather like during the Setouchi Triennale?
Summer tends to be very hot and humid. Autumn may remain somewhat hot. In addition, there may be heavy rains caused by typhoons at times.
In summer, please be very mindful of heat strokes. To protect yourself from heat stroke, we strongly advise you to keep your head and neck covered with a hat and towel and to keep hydrated by drinking frequently.


Where is a convenient place to stay overnight?
Takamatsu is a very convenient place to stay as a base for visiting the islands. Accommodation is very crowded during the Triennale so please book in advance. Please contact each hotel or inn directly for information on room availability, etc.
What is a good base for visiting the Western islands in the Fall? Marugame? Somewhere else?
It depends on the islands that you plan on visiting, but areas around the ports to the islands are convenient.

The photograph

Can I take photos of the art sites?
Yes, almost all of them can be freely photographed. However, if you intend to use any of your photos for commercial purposes, such as a book or magazine, please contact us via the press page of our website and submit a request for permission. Please also be considerate of the islanders when taking photographs.

*About artworks of Benesse Art Site Naoshima
We request visitors not to take photographs on museum premises. We also ask visitors not to take videos or make sketches. However, in some cases individual museums allow visitors to take photographs of outside artworks and certain other works. Please read the information below, and ask museum staff if you require further information.
- Chichu Art Museum:Visitors may take photographs in the Ticket Center and the Chichu Garden.
- Lee Ufan Museum:Visitors may photograph the artworks located outside the building. Once past the ticket counter, however, no photography is allowed.
- Benesse House Museum:Only outside artworks may be photographed.
- Art House Project: In order to respect the privacy of neighboring residents, passersby, and other visitors, only photographs of the exterior of the houses may be taken.
- Naoshima Bath "I♥︎︎湯": In order to respect the privacy of neighboring residents, passersby, and other visitors, only photographs of the exterior may be taken.
We also ask that visitors use any photographs that they take for their personal enjoyment and not for publication or similar purposes.
Can I take photos by drone?
Please refrain from taking photos by “unmanned aircraft” such as Drone around each art site because it can occur some accidents by fall or obstruction of the visitors. In addition, please refrain from taking photos of artworks by “unmanned aircraft” and also opening the taken photos on view to public such as on website.

Media coverage and travel agency

Is it possible to loaning of image?
Loaning image is available in the Setouchi Executive Committee. The Application Form is located in of the Triennale official website. Please feel free to contact it and fill out the application form.

I want to use the main visual.
When using the main visual and official logo,it is necessary to apply in advance.
Please check this page for details.
I want to cover the Setouchi Toriennale. Is any process required?
If you would like to cover the Setouchi Triennale, please fill out the media coverage application form. We will consider your request and a person in charge of Publicity will get back to you later.


Can you send me some pamphlets?
Yes, if you are willing to pay for postage. Please contact us for details.