Have you heard of the Setouchi Triennale volunteer group known as KOEBI-TAI?

Koebi means ‘little shrimp’ and tai means 'squad'. KOEBI-TAI is a volunteer organization that specifically supports the Setouchi Triennale. Volunteers of all ages come not only from Japan but from many parts of the world to help out on different islands.

Do you love islands? Do you love art? Do you love art festivals? If so, come and join us. Everyone is welcome! There is no age limit, and you can come for whatever time period works for you – even just one day. There are jobs to suit for everyone, young or old or people with families.

What do KOEBI-TAI Volunteers do?

Before the Triennale starts, KOEBI-TAI volunteers help artists produce their artworks and publicize the event.Once it starts, they help run the Triennale by welcoming visitors to each venue and supporting different events on the islands. During the years in between the Triennale, KOEBI-TAI volunteers support ART SETOUCHI, a smaller version of the Triennale in which selected venues are open to the public and events take place on the islands. In this way, the volunteers can further develop the bonds that they have made with local people, an important component of this art festival.

ART SETOUCHI Activities: Let’s go to the islands!

KOEBI-TAI volunteers are active even when the Triennale is not in session. Their activities include:

  • Manning the reception desks at permanent art sites
  • Staffing island cafes and restaurants
  • Maintaining art works
  • Producing the KOEBI Newspaper
  • Supporting island events and special occasions
  • Publicizing
  • Studying together and exchanging ideas at KOEBI-TAI meetings

Triennale Activities 1: Producing the Triennale!

  • Cleaning up abandoned homes to make art sites
  • Gathering materials for art works
  • Helping artists to produce and install their works
  • Supporting workshops
  • Removing art works

Triennale Activities 2: Doing the Triennale!

  • Art venue visitor reception (We need over 50 people per day during the Triennale!)
  • Providing information about each art site
  • Helping with events
  • Helping at island cafes and restaurants
  • Serving as guides


Click here to register on the official KOEBI-TAI website.