2019.07.12 Setouchi Triennale 2019 promotion video

Let's watch the Setouchi Triennale 2019 promotion video!

2019.07.11 Notice: 12th-14th August, parking lot and coin locker will be closed for Takamatsu Festival holding

As the "54th Sanuki Takamatsu Festival" will be held from August 12 (Mon) to August 14 (Wed), the Takamatsu Port free parking lot will be closed.
Please be sure to get the car out of the parking lot by 20:00 on August 11 (Sun).

For these 3 days, the parking lot of Kagawa Prefecture Tamamocho is available to use.
(You can park your car for free from 7:00 to 20:00 with the benefits of the triennial passport.

In addition, from 18:00 to 22:30 on August 13 (Tuesday), coin lockers at outdoor passage of Takamatsu Port Terminal Building 2F can NOT be used.
If you need to take your baggage in and out at this time, please use another coin locker.

During the Takamatsu Festival, the area around Takamatsu Station, Takamatsu Port and Sunport Takamatsu is expected to be very crowded.
Please give yourself plenty of time to act.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

2019.07.09 News of special planned tour for summer session

Kitahama alley

At Kitahama Creator's Studio , Kitahama area, artworks focusing on "resources of Setouchi" includes the sea, crafts and specialty products are exhibited during the summer session.

Along with this exhibition, we will carry out a half day tour of “Yashima, Shikoku Village, Kitahama” every Saturday during the summer session.
It is a guided tour that you can enjoy not only watching artworks, but also walking around Yashima mountain top while watching the sunset and sightseeing in Shikoku village.

The sunset from Yashima

In addition, on July 20 (Sat), for the official event Seppuku Pistols Setouchi Tours held in Shikoku village, we will carry out appreciation tour while enjoying the original box lunch of "Japanese restaurant Kinoshita".

Japanese restaurant Kinoshita (sample image)

Please check the details and application for the tour from the Setouchi Triennale Tour Sales website. Apply for any tour early!


Seppuku pistols appreciation tour

2019.06.20 Advance tickets of the event for summer session will be on sale from 20th June.

About a part of event of summer session (July 19-August 25), reservation and sale of advance tickets will start from Thursday, June 20!
Please see the event calendar for the date and place of each event.

Yoshie Ochi "Barcarole for Birth"

Aichi Prefectural University Arts and Music Setouchi Art Project Team「MEGI HOUSE "L'Isle joyeuse-MEGI vol.10"」

Aichi Prefectural University Arts and Music Setouchi Art Project Team「WAVE」HYBRID CONCERT

Aichi Prefectural University Arts and Music Setouchi Art Project Team
「KUNKUN ISLAND@Megijima ~A trip around the smell of the island~」

「Screening of Megijima」

Kodue Hibino「Wonder Water Ogijima ver.」

FUKUTAKE HOUSE Asia Art Platform "Déjà vu - the Living Heritage"

Anan Atoyama「Limpid Sun」

Kagawa University × Shodoshima Dream Project「What makes an Island? - A theatrical analysis of Shodoshima.」

Seppuku Pistols Setouchi Tours

【How to Buy】
(1)Purchased y online
 ◎Tour sales website etc.

(2)From July 19 (Fri), advance tickets will be on sale at Takamatsu Port General Information Center on the 1st floor of Takamatsu Port Passenger Terminal Building.

2019.06.12 New artwork is added at Uno Port from summer session.

Artwork: Diagonal Composition 1 / Diagonal Composition 2 / Horizontal Composition

Artist:Noriyuki Haraguchi

Location:Uno port(At the from of JR Uno station, sea side park