Photo:Keizo Kioku

Photo:Keizo Kioku


Aiko Miyanaga 

Artwork No. mg06

Little Shops on the Island "Hair Salon Kotobuki"

A hair salon on the beach

Miyanaga makes time visible using traces from the past to express a changing world in search of balance. On Megijima, she offers a chance to spend time with a hair stylist she met on the island. Sitting in the chair gazing out at the play of light and wind on the ever-changing waves, we may discover that we have changed a little, too.

Art Information

Artwork Location Megijima Community Area
Hours 13:00-16:30
Closed Closed on Mondays to Thursdays (Except for national holidays)
Admission Free ※A separate fee is required for haircut.
Notes Stylist: Hiroko Tamaki
Opening Hours:every Friday,Saturday,Sunday,biweekly Monday and holidays during the Triennale
Open 13:00 Close 16:30
Cut 3,500yen
Shampoo 1,000yen
Blow 1,500yen

※Special holiday 5/19.20


Community Area

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