Photo:Keizo Kioku

Photo:Keizo Kioku


Takeshi Kawashima & Dream Friends

Artwork No. og07

The Space Flower・Dance・Ring(宇宙華・舞・環)

Takeshi Kawashima and the Dream Friends have been exhibiting since 2010 with an exhibit that changes every time, and now they have another new one.

The piece comes from the Space Series of works Takeshi Kawashima tinkered with after his return to Japan in 2016. He produced it with a rough sketch on canvas he made in the late 20th century in New York. For many years after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, he mostly worked on making hundreds of black-and-white kaleidoscopes, but his characteristic colors made a return in the landscape of the Seto Inland Sea he sees every day since coming back to Japan. At first his use of color was quite restrained, but the hues gradually increased in number to become his current collection of works. The origin of the organic forms residing throughout his pieces has always been humans. For the Triennale, he is placing rough drawings and prints on the ceiling, walls and floors--all surfaces in 360 degrees--of an old folk house on Ogijima. He is also showing a motion video of his works. Visitors can step inside Mr. Kawashima's art. Many children who have seen his art from the '80s to late-'90s have said they can hear music from it. It will be interesting to see what kind of response this exhibit elicits.

Art Information

Artwork Location Ogijima Community Area
Hours 9:30-16:15
Closed Open everyday during the Triennale
Admission 300 yen


Community Area

Ogi Fishing Port Area