The tours around the Setouchi Triennale

Our tours around the Setouchi Triennale will take you to the highlights of the artworks,
recommended spots, and the charm of the unique islands, all with a official guide.
We offer a variety of tours to meet your needs and make your island trip as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

The official guided tour

This is the official guided tour that was so popular at the Setouchi Triennale 2019.
This tour is designed to help you understand the purpose of the Triennale and the efforts so far,
so that you can feel the appeal of the Triennale more deeply.
The Basic Tours, which focuses on new artworks, will include a new course to/from Okayama Prefecture in addition to the course to/from Takamatsu. In addition, there will be the Special Tours based on themes such as the environment, food, and education.
We hope you will enjoy the arts and island trip in the Seto Inland Sea with the upgraded official tour.

Setouchi Triennale 2022
Information on the official guided
tour will be updated as needed.

The past official guided tour

In 2019, we offered a guided tour of the islands by chartered boat while viewing mainly new works.
We were able to fully enjoy the island hopping tour and feel the appeal of the Triennale more deeply.

Tours are offered once or twice a day while the Triennale is in session. The number of tours differs depending on the day of the week.
Access to Shodoshima for the C: Shodoshima Tour is by regular ferry. The E: Shamijima Tour is conducted by chartered bus.
All tours depart from and return to Takamatsu Port.

Customized tours (for travel agencies and groups)

We plan and arrange trips around the islands and art according to the needs and purposes (sightseeing, inspection, etc.)
of travel agencies and group customers.
We will plan and arrange a trip around the islands and art (for a fee).
We do not accept reservations or arrangements for individual customers during the Triennale period.

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Study tour (for schools and corporations)

Tours for off-campus learning and corporate training purposes.
While enjoying the artworks, participants will walk around the local Sea "Satoumi" and learn about the life and history of the island and its background.
In addition, we will plan a program for you to learn about the island's issues and community development practices that can be seen through the efforts of the Triennale.
We will plan programs according to your needs and school age.

About requests and consultations

If interested, please send the ""Required Information"" below to the following e-mail address at least two weeks prior to your desired date of visit. Please feel free to contact us even if you would like to hear more details.

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Required Information

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  3. 3. Islands you wish to visit
  4. 4. Purpose of visit
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