Photo:Kimito Takahashi

Photo:Kimito Takahashi

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작품 No. mg19

Oninoko Tile Project

Onigawara ornamental tiles are one of Kagawa Prefecture’s traditional crafts. Onigawara tiles made in workshops by over 3,000 students of junior high schools around the prefecture will be exhibited in around the Ogres’ Cave.

작품 정보

지역 메기지마 오니가 시마 동굴
개관 시간 Onigashima Cave opening hours: 8:30–17:00
휴일 Open everyday
요금 Admission: 600 엔 (400 엔 by showing the Triennale passport)
비고 Cooperation: Shunji Jinnai, traditional roof-tile artisan
Planning = The Kagawa Museum
On August 3 (Sat), 4 (Sun), 10 (Sat), and 11 (Sun) from 10:00 to 14:00, junior high school art department students in Kagawa who was involved in the creation of artworks on Megijima will give you a souvenir of the island.

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