Iwasawa Bros.


Taking as their motto “Cool and fun connections among things, doings, and people,” this sibling creator unit seeks to create footholds for the activities of people and organizations. They are in charge of a wide range of projects from designing spaces, furniture, and other three-dimensional objects, to communication design, using both digital and analog tools, as well as projects to create corporate office spaces and art project bases.

2021: Spatial design, Cybernetic Being Lab, Keio University (organization representing Moon Shot Research & Development Program, Japan Science and Technology Agency), Tokyo, Japan
2020 Spatial design: Studio 302, Arts Council Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
2019 Furniture design: Kamisu Bousai Arena, Kamisu City, Ibaraki, Japan
2019 Window display design: Lumine “Weisure”, Tokyo, Kanagawa, and Saitama, Japan
2022 Tsukurikake Labo 06: Iwasawa Brothers/Chimera Playground, Chiba City Museum of Art, Chiba, Japan
2021 Machigae-ten Asonde-ten Exhibition, Bunkitsu Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan